Project Title  Template  Organisation Owner Download
What is the state of development of Research Data Management in Irish Academic Institutions DCC Template Other Tiernan O'Sullivan (new window)
The Conversation Before and After the Scandal of November 2018: CRISPr-Cas9 Among Experts and Lay People LSE Data Management Plan for undergraduate and master's students dissertations London School of Economics and Political Science Maria Gafforio (new window)
Identifying Mechanisms of Failure of Cartilage Repair Surgery University of Manchester Generic Template University of Manchester Gwenllian Tawy (new window)
East Asia Modern Slavery Blockchain Network University of Manchester Generic Template University of Manchester Ser-Huang Poon (new window)
Haagse Hitte TU Delft Data Management Questions Delft University of Technology Frank van der Hoeven (new window)
Comparing the effectiveness of side-lying sleep positioning to back-lying at reducing oxygen desaturation resulting from Sleep Disordered Breathing in infants with cleft palate DCC Template University of Manchester Aleksandra Metryka (new window)
Leveraging Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies for a Sustainable Economy and Society ESRC Template University of Manchester Ser-Huang Poon (new window)
STRAP -Study to Reduce Antibiotic prescription in childhood Pneumonia: implementation of a validated decision rule to target antibiotic prescription in children with suspected community acquired pneumonia Data management ZonMw-template 2019 Erasmus University Rotterdam rianne oostenbrink (new window)
Study on Incentive Mechanisms of Crowdsourcee's Participation Behavior in SMEs Crowdsourcing Contest Innovation DCC Template Cranfield University binxin zhu (new window)
LOOPER: Learning Loops in the Public Realm ESRC Template University of Manchester James Evans (new window)