Project Title  Template  Organisation Owner Download
Utilising tissue-on-a-chip technology as an ex vivo model of breast cancer metastatic colonisation MRC Template University of Manchester Rachel Eyre (new window)
Reconnection-driven waves and oscillations in the flaring solar corona STFC Template University of Manchester Philippa Browning (new window)
Desarrollo de una plataforma de turismo inteligente DCC Template Other Pedro J. Fernández Manteca (new window)
SHARENEWS: Predicting the shareworthiness of 'real' and 'fake' news in Europe Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (University of Amsterdam) template University of Amsterdam (Universiteit van Amsterdam) Jasper van de Pol (new window)
Environmentally acceptable corrosion and scale inhibitors in circulating cooling water systems DCC Template Cranfield University Pavlo Ostreyko (new window)
El movimiento de Hardware Científico de Código Abierto (GOSH) en América Latina: ¿Una alternativa democratizante de producción tecnológica? DCC Template Other Julieta Arancio (new window)
Spray Water- Spray jets from wave run-up against ship bows and steep walls Data Management Plan NWO (English) Delft University of Technology Irene Rivera Arreba (new window)
基于视频平台播放数据的研究分析 DCC Template Aberystwyth University nut z (new window)
Evolving models for dyadic network data to represent and test complex theories Data Management Plan NWO v1 University of Amsterdam (Universiteit van Amsterdam) Terrence Jorgensen (new window)
Charters for Better Work Better Lives: An Indian Partner Network University of Manchester Generic Template University of Manchester Wendy Olsen (new window)