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Exploring the impact and experience of diabetes management technologies (using flash glucose monitoring (flashGM) as an exemplar) of adults living with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1D), in the North of England DCC Template University of Northumbria Charlotte Gordon (new window) Opens in new window
Evaluation of a workplace intervention to implement supported Wellbeing Centres in a healthcare workplace during and after the COVID19 pandemic: the COVID-WELL study University of Nottingham generic Data Management Plan University of Nottingham Holly Blake (new window) Opens in new window
User Trials of Standardised Interoperable COVID-19 Certificates UKRI Template University of Manchester Ser-Huang Poon (new window) Opens in new window
The Subjective Perception of Sensory Information: Investigating Formats of Mental Representations ESRC Template Edge Hill University Reshanne Ruhnau (new window) Opens in new window
Efecto de Materiales de Impresión en la Generación de Artefactos del Cone-Beam CT DCC Template Other Sergio Uribe (new window) Opens in new window
Effects of early nutrition on brain development and cognitive / behavioural problems in children Swedish Research Council Template Umeå University Magnus Domellöf (new window) Opens in new window
Self-Injury in young Bisexual people: a Longitudinal investigation (SIBL) University of Manchester Generic Template University of Manchester Sophie Coleman (new window) Opens in new window
MSc Thesis TU Delft Data Management Questions Delft University of Technology Filippo Lanzini (new window) Opens in new window
Chinese Whispers: Choral singing in a second language - Nationwide questionnaire University of Hull University of Hull Eloise McCann (new window) Opens in new window
Delivering the digital ambition: Exploring how we can design, implement and evaluate digital technologies in healthcare. MRC Template University of Manchester Chris Sutton (new window) Opens in new window