Project Title  Template  Organisation Owner Download
RELIEF: Reducing Environmental impact of the Leather-tanning Industry with Electron beam Facilities STFC Template Lancaster University Robert Apsimon PDF (new window)
LOOPER: Learning Loops in the Public Realm ESRC Template University of Manchester James Evans PDF (new window)
Mitigation of Waxing in Oil and Gas Transport Pipelines DCC Template Cranfield University Israel Adefemi PDF (new window)
Vergleich der Kriminalit├Ąt von London und New South Wales von 2001-2012 DMP University of Vienna Deutsch V2 Other Alexander Gallauner PDF (new window)
Structured Risk-based Peer Evaluation System Study (StRiPES Study) University of Bristol General Template University of Bristol Ian Bennett-Britton PDF (new window)
Brains on Board EPSRC Data Management Plan The University of Sheffield James Marshall PDF (new window)