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Samen voor gezondheid: positieve start voor aanstaande moeders en kinderen. Innovatie en kennisontwikkeling voor en door professionals in Zuid-Limburg en Groningen Data Management Plan NWO (January 2020) Other Marijke Hendrix (new window) Opens in new window
Entrate nel Fuoco: Popular Politics in Early Renaissance Florence AHRC Data Management Plan The University of Sheffield Joe Tryner (new window) Opens in new window
Extending the Earcheck intervention: behavior change to prevent hearing damage, with a focus on young people with low social-economic status Data management ZonMw-template 2019 Open University of the Netherlands Gjalt-Jorn Peters (new window) Opens in new window
Transmitters in the control of sea urchin embryo cytoskeleton DCC Template Other Yuri Shmukler (new window) Opens in new window
Risk of Emergent Inflammatory Bowel Disease Associated with Secukinumab and Traditional Systemic Therapies for Psoriasis or Psoriatic Arthritis DCC Template University of Manchester Zenas Yiu (new window) Opens in new window
Exploring Sensory Experiences of Public Transport from the Perspectives of People Living with Dementia University of Manchester Generic Template King's College London James Fletcher (new window) Opens in new window
Hepatit virus patogenes och strategier för att undvika immunförsvaret: Nya transgena musmodeller och nya behandlingsformer Swedish Research Council Template Karolinska Institutet Matti Sällberg (new window) Opens in new window
What are the barriers and facilitators encountered by Physiotherapists when facilitating exercise that would elicit a cardiovascular training effect with survivors of stroke. A generic qualitative study proposal. DCC Template University of Nottingham Amy Souchaud (new window) Opens in new window
SP201 Research Project LSE Data Management Plan for undergraduate and master's students dissertations London School of Economics and Political Science Michelle Leung (new window) Opens in new window
Beyond Access: Entendiendo el acceso y uso digital en el sur global DCC Template IDRC Roxana Barrantes (new window) Opens in new window